iPS(心肌细胞)培养 – 原能细胞科技集团


➤ Made up of healthy people or patients from different ages, habits, disease and genetic backgrounds, massive iPS cell bank can meet in the future, large-scale drug screening and the demands for cell therapy of people with different HLA typing。

➤ Until now only EU, Japan, USA, UK, etc, initiated the construction of iPS cell bank. There is hardly any report in China. We Origincell Technolgy Group will be committed to building up a bank of iPS cell lines of our Chinese.

➤ How to develop one universal method for the scaling-up of induction, identification, proliferation, and cyropreservation of individual specific iPS cell lines?

Work flow of the generation of iPS cell lines
Work flow of periods and indicators for the induction, identification, cyropreservation, and quality control of the individual specific iPS cell lines from one person.

Induction of iPS cell lines

(A) Morphology of PBMCs before reprogramming;
(B) Small colony firstly emerged on day 10-12 after nuclear transduction;
(C) The same colony grew rapidly and showed smooth boundary on about three weeks
after nuclear transduction. Bar=200 µm

Origencell iPS cell zbank

Component of our Origencell iPS cell bank from healthy persons.

Identification of iPS cell lines

(A) Alkaline phosphatase activity; (B) SSEA4 expression on cell membrane of iPSCs using FACS; (C) Growth cure of one iPS cell line under different initial initial cell number; (D) SSEA4/Dapi; (E) Oct4/Dapi; (F) Tra-1-60/Dapi; (G) Nanog; (H) Karyotyping; (I) neuroepithelium (ectoderm); (J) Cartilage (mesoderm); (K) gut-like epithelium (endoderm).
Bar=200 µm; n=3.